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Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 28 ratings)


I cannot recommend Ashley enough 👌 I have had a terrible time of trying to get my 2 year olds hair cut , to the point he would be screaming the place down as he doesn’t like anyone touching his hair,and the hair cut would never end well. Today we had a break through 😃 we had screaming at the start but with a lot of patience and care. My son became very comfortable around Ashley , he gave my son a comb to use , so he could comb mummy’s hair and Ashley even combed his own in front of him. My son would not sit in the chair but Ashley was happy to accommodate my sons needs by letting me hold him while he cut his hair . This is the first time EVER! He has let anyone do this 🙂 we even got to the point where my son stood by himself and let Ashley touch his hair without him clinging on to me. For dear life . I’m so happy that this definitely deserved a good review. So any mums out there struggling with a toddler please pop on down to Ashley 👍 plus he has lots of sweets to keep the little darlings happy 😆

Paula Harding


Ashley is quality .really decent bloke.
Knows his customers well..
Always happy and proffesional..

Ged Reed

5* as always

Like headline says always 5* service at akg
Love Emily’s attention to detail very happy

Mark ackerman

Top barber in henley

Best barber in henley on Thames and most likely Oxfordshire

Charlie arlett
Melrose hardware

What’s not to like

Friendly, quick, excellent and good value.
What’s not to like!

Richard Ormerod

Awesome as ever

Another great haircut for Arthur and me, as usual, thanks Ashley and Emily.

Christian Woodhouse

So much more than a barber

Ash is a great barber – but with great scissor skills too.

Went to a hairdressers the other weekend when I couldn’t  get in to Ash – paid three times the price for an inferior job!

Highly recommend.


Best haircut

Michal Vancura

Ashley gave me an amazing new look. Never had this hair style before and I love it.

Michal Vancura

Two work better

I have known Ash for a long time now and since opening his own place has been cutting my hair. He has never let me down and recently, he hasn’t been available so Emily has stepped in. Both of them are professional and a very good at what they do. I highly rate them both.

Steve Casey
AKG Barbers

Beard trim and my sons hair cut

I Always get good job at akg
Never been anywhere else and I always recommend them to mates
Emily is fantastic and has lifted the place to even a higher standard
Never had a bad experience

Mark ackerman

Thanks again

Ashley’s simply the best Barber in Henley

Matthew B

The best barber in Henley

The best barber in Henley On Thames:)

Szymon Kawczynski

I will be booking again !

The young lady who my hair did great job, I will be booking again.


Deon Melck

5* Ashley

Always great to come down to Ashley’s.

The man is 5* and well worth going too.

David Black

Worth a visit

I’ve been visiting Ashley’s salon since it opened and thoroughly recommend it. As well as being quick and very good at his job, he’s an incredibly friendly and chatty guy who always makes you feel welcome.

James Burton
Higgs Group (Henley Standard)

Extremely Pleased

Extremely pleased using emily for the first time as i usually use ashley but he was fully booked, really pleased with the end result, emily really took her time to make sure she was happy with her work, had a good chat aswell which is nice, good addition to AKG and hope she stays, will be using her more often 👍🏼

Peter Fox
Gibbs and Dandy

Best barber in Henley by

Best barber in Henley by an absolute stretch. So pleased to see AKG expanding, as he fully deserves. Top service as always 👍🏼


Great Service

My 2 year old son always looks forward to his haircut! Ashley cuts it so quickly and well and is really nice with Max too! After going elsewhere for Max’s very first haircut and getting an awful cut we’ve come here ever since and Max’s hair always looks great! Thanks Ashley!

Louise Jones

Great kid!

Top hairdressers! Professional, focused, very current and understands customers requirements and needs.
Would highly recommend.

Robbie Shand

Ashley’s the best barber I’ve seen

The hair cuts just keep getting better and better every time I go

Charlie Scott
Reading plumbing & heating

Fantastic cut

Rohan my son has his hair cut with Ashley regularly- he loves his haircut and styling. Thanks so much Ashley for
Making a 7 year old look Cool!!

Manjiri Shanker

Fresh lid

Banging barber doing bits out there

Harry Wylie

Always brill

Another fine haircut. Always a good cut and a top chap. See you soon!

Tim Dickson


Best BARBER around, I don’t mind travelling from west reading to get my hair done by Ashley, it’s worth the journey!

Ben Perrin


My son Anthony and my husband Steve think Ashley is brilliant



Came across AKG MENS GROOMING completely by chance whilst having a tyre changed at Thames View! Ashley has cut my hair in the past and I hadn’t realised he’d set up his own business now. Great cut, very friendly and he always has a smile on his face – what more could you want? Will definitely be a regular here from now on

Barrie Cree

First Cut

Ashley did an amazing job with my little boy for his first cut. He even enjoyed sweeping up the hair after. Thank you Ashley

Chelsie Jacqueline Louise Brown

5 Stars

Ashley gave me a terrific haircut
Absolutely 5 Stars